Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I guess no more dilemma as it will be in the higher percentage that I might not going to Australia. I don't know.. Everything seemed so rush and odd.. Odd because I have to stay with my aunt which not my favourite. I don't think I will get tp travel with mum and aunt. Anyway, daddy might plan to go to China. Not sure yet. We will see..
Holiday is relaxing yet tiring. Tiring is because I just couldn't have enough sleep. I don't know why. Yesterday, something funny happened. I was about to sleep where I realised that my room is locked. My sis might accidentally lock it and went to bed. (We share a room) So i ran back to the study room and tell my younger brother.. He asked me to wake my parents up but then I choose to call my sis.. Haha.. I was standing outside the bedroom door when I called. She answeredm my call and I have asked her to wake up to open the door for me.
By the way, I'm going to watch X-Men.. Ok.. It's kind of outdated but I got no one to go with me that time with my exam going on..So tonight I will be going with my siblings..
Steamboat dinner again this thursday night.. Yummy yummy... Can't wait..

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