Monday, May 18, 2009

He finally called back...

Yes, my cousin finally called back.. He called my other cousin (Cousin 2).. Lets call him Cousin 1..
He didn't even appreciate our concern at all.. The 1st thing he said is to blame his dad for making a fuss and looking for him so urgently(expected) and second thing is to blame my cousin(Cousin 3) for sending email to his company mail. He said it is his personal stuff, why send to company mail?He is independent and can take care of himself. It is as if independent will not be infected by H1N1.. I guess I'm safe then.. Lolz.. See the point? He is not thinking from his parents point of view.. His parents is so worried that he might infected H1N1 and all his parents get in return is anger and blame.. Cool huh? Cousin 2 is so angry when she heard all that from him. She didn't even know what to say anymore..
Disappointed is all I can say. He is the one not returning any calls or emails. If he did gave us a reply, maybe things will be better... Sigh.. 2 years in US and he changed.. I can only say he is such a stranger to me.. I don't know him anymore.. Not that cousin that used to play with us anymore..
Bah! Forget about it.. I had my period and cramp started to kicks in.. I have better things to deal with than him.. Anyhow, he is safe at least..

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