Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crap schedule

Finally, I get my schedule.. After asking a few people, Ann sent to me.. Lolz.. I heart her much much.. I love my B-gang..

Have a look at it makes me headache.. One class on Monday and it starts from 2pm-4pm.. Tuesday, 3 hours break.. Nuff said.. No more complain.. I wonder if I can have exemption this semester.. Please, let me exempt my English..

Tomorrow, I must remember to collect my jacket from the laundry.. Oh, I tend to forget things easily recently..No, I'm not old, just lazy. Too relaxing, that's why.. Honeymoon week for the 1st week of college because SSH loves to cancel class.. We will see..

My hair is getting longer.. My boy love longer hair but I told him I will not leave it long til the length when I'm studying A levels.. Maybe slightly longer than shoulder length.. He complained that my previous hair cut is way too short.. Even my friends is shocked when they saw me.. Right, Woon? Lolz.. Want to see the comparison?

Side view..

front view..

This picture taken last year.. One month after the hair cut..

See the difference? I look so tough with short hair.. Haha.. Can fight le.. Longer hair got more 女人味.. I wonder if the words I used is correct..
Anyway, do leave a comment..

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