Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cramp Cramp CRAMP!!!!

Cramp is something I hardly can tolerate with.. It is unbearable, for girls they will understand and guys can just forget it. They will NEVER understand even in a million years.. So, as usual, the sweet bf gave me a morning call and of coz pamper me with sweet words which I likey, once a while (who doesn't like sweet words, right? He asked me to rest and too bad he cannot be here.. Well, a good baby like me listens and nods and still complaining about the cramp.. Haha.. Additional to the cramp, I get a whole morning of noises from construction next door. I was so reluctant to wake up as I'm having cramp but the noises getting louder and louder.. Sigh.. When I'm healthy, they stop working.. When I need more sleep, they start to work again.. World is so unfair.. If my 3rd time holiday happens to have another 'fate'with construction, I will stay in KL and refuse to come back.. Construction noise another thing that I cannot bear with..

Samantha texted me yesterday to let me know the good news..She is moving in with me again.. LOlz.. I don't have to go thru the whole knowing new roommates all over again.. We are comfortable with each other and not having any problems living together.. Rin also coming back for Advance, double yay.. I finally have my 2 hostel mates back.. Louis baby moved out and left me alone in hostel.. Yes, not having the whole room by myself anymore.. But it is fun to have roomie back tho. Welcome back Samantha..

Just now, I checked my mail box and my Cousin 1 send email to Cousin 2. He said, Let's just forget about unhappy things that happened. He knows that we just wanted to help his father to send message to him. He will call his mum every month to keep her updated so nothing to worry..'

Since Cousin 1 said that, everything is over now and nothing to worry about anymore.. No comments...

Oh, I just added Shu Yoke( my high school friend) yesterday. I always thought she is in my list.. When I search only to found out that she is actually not, oops.. I didn't really know what happened but I guess her dad passed away. I feel so sorry for her..

Losing a family member is an undescribable feeling. I last had this feelings is when I was 10 years old (my grandfather passed away).. We weren't close because my grandfather wak kinda fierce.. But deep inside, I always knew that he loves all of us. It's a sudden death and I hardly can accept it. Years after years the memories begin to fade away.. My grandfather didn't like taking pictures so we don't have a collection of it. So, now I like to take lots of pictures of my dear grandmother.. To keep it and to refresh my memories.

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