Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Luck or fate?

Neither.. Lolz.. I just realized that I'm having fate with construction work this year.. Why said so? My very 1st semester break falls on February this year which lasted for a month. Half of my holiday is contributed to my bathroom's renovation. Yeah.. There goes my holiday, down the drain. Right now, I was having holiday too and to my not much surprise, my neighbor is having a renovation too.. Haha.. My holiday is drowned down in the sea now... Yes, since my holiday started, I was waken up by the noise of the construction almost every morning, even Sunday.. I myslef couldn't stand the noise of the machines going thru the wall, it is killing me.. Complained to daddy, ignored totally by him because he claims that it is better they renovate than leaving it.. Right, because that house is empty since I-Forgot-How-Long.. I used to direct people to my house by saying, you saw the empty, half-renovated house? Yes, mine was just right beside it.. Fast and easy.. Lolz.. I guess no more using that next time.. Both of my holidays was ruined, what about next one? *finger crossed*

Weather is such a bitch nowaday because it is f*cking hot.. My allergy is back due to the extreme hot weather.. How? Sigh.. Nothing I can do...

I'm just done feeding my Velvet darling.. FYI, Velevt is ill recently, minor ear infection.. It is very very hard to make him eat the medicine. 1st time, we tried with mixing the medicine with the dog food, he refuse to eat the food. We took out and melt the medicine with hot water.. 2 people have to hold him while 1 pour the medicine into his mouth. Phew.. What a hard work... 2 days later, my sister came up with an idea.. We make the pills into powder and then put it on the top of my doggie's full time favourite, BREAD.. Yea, my cute doggie likes bread ALOT since birth. And and that cute lil doggie actually fall for that. He refuse to ate it at first but then still finished it up simply because he cannot resist his favourite.. Lolz.. Ever since that day, we've been feeding him medicine with bread... What an extra work to do just to feed him medicine.. Spoiled brat.. These few days, he even refuse to eat his dog food, I guess he knew that he had to eat his medicine right after food so he skipped it. We had to feed him.. See how much we pamper him.. We even bring him into our room for air-con because the weather is too hot... But, he cannot stand long, will always wanted to go out.. Weird just like my brother..

Finally, a peace of mind.. I guess for a while so I have to appreciate this moments hell alot..
*Continue playing my spot the difference*

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