Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plain Happy Day!!

I'm quite moody today when I woke up due to the argument with bf yesterday. But then things getting better when he arrived.. We still in not talking term when we were on our way to Puchong.. Slowly, we started to talk again.. He still pamper me.. We spend the whole day together with lots of lots of LOVE.. So, I'm happy again with him and feels absolutely in love again.. Hehe.. His warm and open arms, the place that only belongs to me and only me.. Hehe.. We shared hugs and kisses.. Oh, and I get to stay away from the construstion place and get some peace.. Finally.....

Anyway, I just happened to throw my digi sim card away
because it is useless now.. And and I send the big bear bear that I got 2 Valentine's ago to some orphanage.. Let go makes me feels happy.. I feel so light and EXTREMELY happy now..
Bye bye bear........

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