Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Monday..

This is the last Monday of my holiday.. Next Monday, I'm starting my second year already. Sad coz my holiday is going to the end and Happy coz I can meet my B-Gang again. Starting college means result is coming out soon.. I didn't feel anyhting because I tried my best already.. MAybe when on that day itself, I will nervous like hell.. Haha..
I feel so tired, I don't know why..Maybe I just need lots of sleeps.. I didn't hang out with my dearest friends yet because I couldn't make it to the movie last Friday. Sad.. Really need to arrange time to hang out with my friends..
Wow, I realized that I have lots of gadgets with me on the table. I have laptops, camera, phone and iPod and a pen drive. They are all gathered on my table with lots of charger and handsfree and earphone and cable.. Lolz.. Yes, my table is very messy now.. Holiday makes me lazy and I haven't had my breakfast yet, that's y...
I love writing over posting pictures and that explains why my blog is lack of pictures. I enjoy reading and hopes others will enjoy too..
Gotta catch up with my E.U.. and my breakfast too..

Updates: My relatives is searching high and low for my cousin who is currently working in US due to H1N1.. We somehow lost contact with him and his parents is worried sick.. Yes, I had my breakfast halfway and rush to my bro's drawer to seach for his name card.. Then msg my cousin to give her the details of his company.. I not yet shower and now I'm going to because I cannot tahan.. They send him an email and hope he reply..

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