Sunday, May 31, 2009


People changed.. I thought family won't.. I really thought family will be the warmest place to hide in. To protect me from anything.. To my horror, it is not.. The most drastic changes is family. Recently, my uncle loses his job and we suspect that it is because my another uncle caused it. I was stunt when I heard that and really cannot believe that it happened.. We used to be family and even we are not in the talking term, we are still family.. I cannot accept the changes because they scare the hell outta me. People is something really scary.. They changed into someone you barely knew in just a seconds.. How am I supposed to cope with it? I don't know.. Take it or leave it..

On the other hand, I had my 'bak zhang' (dumpling) twice this weekend. I used to eat 2 but now I cannot even finish 1.. Too bad.. It's yummylicious.. Me likey :)

Yesterday, I talked to mummy in the kitchen..
She asked, you are getting thinner?
I was shock and answer, ya, maybe a little coz my pants is so loose already.. Why?
She said I saw your face getting thinner.. Don't learn from your grandma, eating little bit.. Last time you can eat a lot.. Why now cannot?
I laugh and said, Izzit? (very happy).. I used to it already, I don't know why. I get full easily..
She asked me to eat more coz I'm getting thinner..

I realized that because my pants is getting loose but I don't think my face is getting thinner.. I still think my face is chubby.. Sigh.. How make my face less chubby? Can anyone help me?

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