Friday, May 8, 2009

A trip to the vet..

Today, I brought Velvet to the vet because he's been screaming lately when he scratches his left ear. Yesterday, same thing happened. My brother checked on his ear and realised that he might having an infection. So we decided to bring him to the vet today. As usual, he will follow us when we going out to try his luck whether or not we will bring him along.. Normally we wouldn't.. I asked him to follow my brother because I need to lock the door.. He looked at me curiously. Then I carry him and said "come we go kai kai'.. He is so happy and excited but little that he know that we are bringing him to the vet. Haha.. When we reached the clinic, the docotr helped him to clean his ear and he screams like mad when he is cleaning the left ear. When I heard him screams, my hearts turns sour.. Mybaby... But then its for his good also.. Overall it costs us about RM60..
Weather is extremely hot nowadays.. I sweats most of the time and bath numerous times.. God.. Why is it so so so hot?

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