Thursday, May 28, 2009

Conned to college..

I still remembered that day, they told me that English class in on so I dragged myself from the bed and get my ass to the college.. But turns out, ALL LANGUAGE AND NATION BUILDING AND UNITY UNITS STARTS AT WEEK 2 EXCEPT HUBUNGAN ETNIK AND TAMADUN ISLAM.... Great.. No class today until 2pm.. I really feel like killing people because I had a very hard time to wake up.. It's torturing for someone who sleeps until very late for the past 1 month..

I didn't go back right away because I need to check for my results. I''m now blogging in the Canteen with bunch of juniors around.. Gosh, no leng chai again.. It is indeed a boring college life.. My boy boy gave me a call just now to wake me up or should I said to wake him up? Lolz.. Coz he sounds like he sleep talking.. We chatted for a while and he asked, do you get used to being alone in hostel? I said, sooner or later, I will get used to it. Then, he said, I'm scared that when you get used to it, you will not need me anymore... I laugh and said, I won't silly and persuade him to ready for work.. He is adorable, ain't he? I love him so much.. Hehe..

Actually, I do miss him very much.. Fromm seeing each other everyday until once a week.. It is hard to tolerate.. Bu I also don't want him to be too tired to come over to meet me after work and I want to be independent again..

I want to sleep so badly.. Result, faster release.. It's so hot here..

Updated: Results is finally out and I got a satisfying results.. My effort pays.. Lolz.. I can go back and sleep d.. Hahaha..

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