Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time to leave again..

Don't misunderstand.. I'm not going anywhere far.. Just going back to my college which located at Setapak. Yes, it's time to go back again. Although holiday is boring but then time still flies.. 3 weeks past just like that.. Results coming out on the 28th of May, so wish me luck.. Surprisingly, I'm not as worried as last semester.. I don't know why..

I'm packing my stuff just now and came to realized that I had lots of stuff.. I always said my sis got lots of stuff but didn't realized mine too. Maybe because my stuff is divided to 2 places, that's why.. *blushed* I ended up with 4 bags which include 2 hand carry, 1bagpack and 1 laptop bag.. I'm taking 4 shoes include the one I'm gonna wear later(sport shoes), 2 boots, 1 ballerina.. Plus a bunch of clothes, house wear, college wear, and what so ever.. And my closet is not even half empty.. Oops.. I'm not shopping kind of people. I cannot stand walking around the shopping mall the whole day. But yet, I still owns so many things.. I wonder why..The only one who can make me shop like that is Pink.. She will asked me to try on clothes or shoes or etc. We will ended up in the mall the whole day.. Now that I have lost my partner in crime (she studied in Nilai now), I couldn't bring myself to shop that long. I missed those time when we can enjoy very much of our college life.. I miss you, Pinkie my darling..

But people have to grow up and clear about their priority of life. Now I know I need to study 1st so no more enjoying life like last time.. I've wasted lots of time playing and it's time to be serious. Although I still went out and relax a bit but when comes to exam, I will study.. Thanks to my roomie who motivates me.. Study study...

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