Saturday, May 9, 2009

Times apart makes me miss you more...

Yes, time apart will make our relationship stronger. Why? Because we used to spending time almost 7 days a week but now, once a week. Apart from me having holiday now, my elder brother is back too. Therefore, we won't get to meet so often..
Yesterday, my brother went to Singapore and I secretly wanted to go your house to give you a surprise. But then, you told me that you are having plans because it is Vesak Day or should it be Wesak Day? Never mind.. Then, I accidentally told you about my plans and you were so happy. Suddenly, plan changed.. You told me that you want to come instead but then you said you have to leave around 1 something. Since it was for a while, I asked you not to come because I don't want you to waste your money. You said you wanted to come because you misses me so much. After much persuasion, you gave in and said ok sadly. We chat and then happily hang up. Later, you called again and pretend like you dialed the wrong number. You hang up and called again.. You are playing with me. I finally get it the 2nd time you called and you said you decided to come today. I stunt for a while and then smile and said ok. You wished me goodnight and give me a kiss. I went to bed feeling happy..
Today, you stil didn't arrive.. You make me felt anxious. I called and you said still in USJ. I went and shower. There you are, arriving my house just before i finish showering.. I'm so happy to see you again. Happy that I wanted to hug you instantly but I didn't because my mum was there.. When mummy went out, we hug each other so tightly.. After so long, I'm back into your arms again.. I missed it so much.. As much as I miss you.. You weren't here long, you left around 4 something but that is enough for me to cure my missing sickess..

I Love You, Baby!

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