Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oh my (^o^)

Holiday... Makes me less alert, less thinking, less water and most importantly less eating. This is very bad because holiday makes me lazy to think and because of this, I get scolding from the parents few times already.. Things that they asked me to do, I will said ok and forget the next minute. I stay inside my own lovely world and date with my laptop everyday.. And went downstairs occasionally.. Sometimes talked to my brother and parents for a while or maybe not talking at all.. My point is, I forgot the date and even sometimes don't know the time. Yesterday, my stomach cramp out of blue (note: not period cramp). Mum been complaining that my eating time is not fix. that's the reason of the cramp. And she said I get sick so easily.. Sis been laughing and said she hardly can fall sick. We came from the same parents but different immune system.. Not fair.. I want to be healthy too. Sob Sob.. Now college gonna start soon, my stomach is playing a fool with me.. Gosh, when I'm free, I don't get sick.. Watever.. Not important.. Lolz..

College starting next week and I'm still clueless about my schedule. TARC's been a bitch because they did not update SSH schedule until the very last minute.. Sigh.. I'm going back to hostel tomorrow and will be seeing Rin and Samantha.. Wonder if I had a chance to see my boy.

Talking about my boy, I miss cuddling with him and hug him to sleep.. Lolz.. I know he is working hard, I shouldn't complain much.. Just bear with it.

My blog is so lack of pictures.. Maybe college reopen will make me take more pictures because I got more friends.. And and, my boy working now, his property is alomost mine.. I got the camera and I can snap whenever i like.. Not that my phone do not have the camera function, I prefer using camera.. My plan to keep more pictures of me and my boy failed because he will have less time for me also.. :(

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