Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What another day!

I woke up with a slight pain on my hand. Then, I realized that I have been sleeping on it the whole night. *Smiles* I asked my mum to cook me fried rice for breakfast but only eat little bit. I shower after breakfast and found out that my boy came to my house.. I was so happy to see him again. We spent the afternoon together. 1st, we send my jacket to the laundry and then go to Jusco. We shopped for a while. He saw the comic shop at 2nd floor and went in. I saw the puzzle that I gave to Antony 2 years ago. The most shocking thing is the prize of the puzzle. Sigh.. I bought the whole set include puzzle and the frame for RM100 ++. I forgot the exact price already but then there only sell RM9.90... I wanted to kill myself.. The same horoscope puzzle and also glowing in the dark. Why? Why? But then my boy bought another 2 sets for me. He gave me an Aries and a Cancer 1.. I love it very much.

At night, I went to Kim Gary for dinner because mummy didn't cook. I had chicken chop cheese baked rice. I was very hungry b4 I went to Kim Gary but then still couldn't finished the baked rice. I shared with my sister.. I'm craving for Kin Gary's food but dont know which 1.. Funny right? I'm still full from the dinner and happy to spend time with my boy boy. I'm now a happy and contented girl. I wanted to take picture but then I don't know what to take. Lolz. Maybe when I got the inspiration, I will take..

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