Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm pissed..

Apparently, I got class today so I turned down daddy's offer. Daddy said he wanted to fetch me home yesterday. Oh my, if only he tell me that he want to fetch me home 1st rather than asking do I have any class today.. Then everything will be different. My class got canceled when I so semangat stayed and then went for class. 1st time this week and I really thought SSH changed because I did not have any class canceled this week. Well, not until today. I left around 3pm and thank god Connie fetched me to lrt so I don't have to wait for cab or bus under hot sun. The journey is so tiring because
1st my stuff is darn heavy.. especially my laptop..
2nd the weather is too hot for me to handle.
3rd I'm sleepy..

Luckily, the train did not delay or else I swear I will kill people.. I reached Klang around 4.45pm and my sis fetched me.. to her office 1st.. I sit there and waited for her to finish her work and Goh actually called.. Goh Chung Weng ok..My buddies who stays in Johor now called. We chatted and although it was teasing most of the time, I still enjoy the conversation.. He really made my day. Lolz.. He said I'm bad but then didn't realized he is the one being bad because apparently he forgot my birthday,.. He said he will call me later then we hang up..
Sis and I went to Klang town to get her offer letter. The reason why I do not like to go to Klang town is because of jam.. She took her offer letter and w went to Jusco to kill time and avoid jam. I had dinner there.. I was so tired to shop anymore so we decided to leave. Seed is having sale and I saw that shirt that I liked. I wanted to buy it for my boy but then ran out of size.. So sad..

Finally, back to my home sweet home.. I got dumpling (bak zhang) to eat.. Lolz.. I get my special order as usual.. But I did not eat it yet.. I will have it later for supper..

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