Friday, May 15, 2009

J-Card Day In Bukit Tinggi..

Jusco Bukit Tinggi is having J-Card day for 2 days continuously that is 13th and 14th of May. I didn't go on the 1st day because Sis is taking leave to accompany me for a shopping spree.. We thought Jusco opens at 10.30am so we only wakes up at 9am.. To our surprise, it actually opens at 9am.. Gosh, we quickly took our shower and breakfast and headed to Jusco.. The reason why we went there so early is to avoid jam and not because we are kiasu.. Lolz.. We shop from 10am until 1pm. We manage to come back with quite a number of things, unlike the previous one where I went there alone and only came back with stationeries.. I expected Jusco to be over crowded but then I was disappointed. It wasn't THAT crowded afterall. 1st, we went to the shops outside rather than Jusco itself to check if there is sale anywhere.. We went into Padini and there were sales.. Yea, almost the whole Jusco is having sales for J-card day.. We finally went into Jusco and there were 70% and 50% everywhere.. Shirts, pants, shoes and bras are all on sale.. How can anyone miss out sale,right? Lolz.. Nothing much we can get there as it's not my type.. I manage to get a bra, and a belt for my baby for 70% off.. My sis got herself a Sembonia bag which 50% off.. Then, we went to Padini to get the jump suits that I felt in love with and her shoes.. Mine was 70% off while hers is 20% only.. Other than that, we also grab some bedsheet because it was so cheap.. 70% off each set, what a bargain right? Oh ya, and a vase too.. I don't know what is that vase for but then it was nice..

My 70% off jump suit.. from Padini

My sister's Sembonia bag.. 50% off.

Her Vincci wedges... 20% off from Padini

My bf's 70% polo belt... From Swiss Polo

70% bedsheet.. From Akemi

We got this voucher after we spent RMXXX...

Oh, I don't have the picture of the vase.. Lolz..

Today, my boy called and told me that the maxis centre in The Gardens finally found out about the mistakes that they made and request us to change the phone back.. Lolz.. At least the phone is with us for a month.

Tada 16GB iPhone and welcome back 8GB iPhone.. Muackss..

I want to go shopping AGAIN!!!!

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