Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Backdated post

Holla! I'm finally back from my Penang trip which obvious another prayer + food trip. The trip turned disastrous when the bus air con spoiled. The weather is hot and it lacks of oxygen. In the end, ah boy and I almost fainted. 1st time feeling that oxygen is that important.. Haha.. Doing nothing much in Penang except visiting temples and food.. Yummylicious! Too bad, asam laksa that I ate doesn't taste that good. But others is acceptable. I love spending time with family. As you know, I've been away from home 5 out of 7 days so spending some quality time with family is fabulous.. lolz. 8am in the morning...

I'm now in last semester of my diploma and everything seems so fast. In one month's time, I will be sitting for exams. I've been busy after CNY. Assignments is pilling and I had one subject which failing rate is very very high. Gotta prepared myself for that paper. Studies is so far so good and I've been spending less time with my friends due to clashing of schedule. Arghh! Hate it very much. I've been pampered like a princess by the boyf. He bought me a set of rummy which I think very cool (it's in black) and a chip bolster which I fall in love with. Other than that, he's been fetching me around so I don't have to take public transport. I will be a spoiled baby soon. He will be busier compared to last time and I just have to bear with it. No choice. On the other hand, I finally got my book and I'm so happy about it. Reading it b4 going to bed made my day. I love reading and most of my friends think I'm weird. Maybe I am but I just don't care what others think. I'm purely in love with books. I could spend a whole day in bookstores looking for interesting book.
Yesterday, on my way back to Klang, the boyf and I chatted randomly about a very good friend of mine. Of coz, we have different opinion in that matter and in the end, we argued. We ignored each other the whole afternoon and only made up at night. Maybe we are childish but then I think we just need to stand for what we think it's right.
My new toy!
Today I went for pre test for motorcycle. Thank god I passed. Will be taking the test this coming Friday.. Wish me luck everyone!

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