Friday, February 26, 2010

Holiday again after a hectic week.

Today is a public holiday! Yay coz I don't have to go to college. College resumed in Monday and I started to feel the stress. Although it's a short sem, I still have to attend classes 5 days a week. Wtf right? Just leave the old routine of 1st week aside because LOUIS LIM didn't come back this week. Spoiled the tradition of B5.. Ish!! Anyway, been having fever and flu few days ago.. Maybe the weather is too hot, I assume. Or I've been consume too much of 'heaty' food during CNY..

Anyway, I was having headache yesterday because I didn't have enough sleep and I ran all the way to college in the morning.. It's something stupid that I did not wish to share.. :p Back to the story, I was lepak-ing alone then decided to grab some food in Jusco. I was craving for twister but the it is not available that time.. Boo~~ So, I did some bra-shopping and shopping cures my headache.. And I'm a happy girl again.. Haha..

I came back to Klang yesterday and my family went to Bar-B-Q Plaza without me! I'm left starving all night.. (just kidding) Dad and Mum plan to go to Dong Zen Temple in Jenjarom and the boyf decided to tag along.. The journey is long and I'm tired. There are nothing much to see there. I prefer the decoration 2 years ago.. Lolz. I decided to eat in mamak near my house. So the boyf and I ordered nasi lemak with rendang ayam. When I'm eating halfway, I look at the boyf innocently and asked if he is full? He asked me back why? I said I want to eat roti telur so he finished up my nasi lemak. Halfway eating the roti telur, I'm full already and he have to finished my roti telur. I know I'm spoiled.. Hehe. Luckily he can eat a lot..

I sleep quite early yesterday because still not feeling well.. Next week will be hell more hectic!

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