Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I met a lot of people tonight

Holla everyone. My house is having a very small steamboat party tonight and daddy invited all of my relatives. 2 of my aunts went to Bangkok and 2 more cousins went to Singapore so they couldn't attend. We were having fun talking and eating the scrumptious dinner... Plus I receive quite amount of ang pow tonight.. *happy* I was chatting with my cousin and sis when my daddy told us that another relative is come. God, her son is adorable and we only met once a year. Kids will always be kids. They only remember Velvet but not me.. They were super curious about everything. And they asked a lot of questions especially the youngest one.. I had a lot of fun asking and answering questions. They speak a very fluent english but they learn chinese in school. What an ironic thing. They were also curious about the tortoise. Hahaha.. They scared the tortoise because all of them wanted to feed him. In the end, the tortoise hide inside his shell.. Oh ya, they were saying that my bed is very messy.. That was embarassing.. *shakes head* But anyhow, I enjoy their company.. They were extremely funny when they laugh at my cousin Loon for being too old. Of coz, they were only 11, 9 and 7.

My boyf is coming back tonight and he will be here tmr.. Yes!! I miss him so much and of coz hope he can take care of hias tortoise.. Hahaha.. I'm very scared that the tortoise will die if I continue to take care of him.. Hope I will see him when I open my eyes tomorrow..

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