Friday, February 19, 2010

B5, answer my question!

Holla everybody!
Yesterday, I went to steamboat dinner with my high school friends. I had fun meeting up with them. We were supposed to meet up after dinner in Yin Cheng's (known as Darren now)house but then my darling Hee Boon couldn't make it and my boyf is working today so I pass this event. Sorry Woonie!! Hee Boon and Han Liang came to my house and we played mahjong.. A very very small tiles that I have at home. I guess I'm gonna buy a new one.. Hahaha..
Today, I have a full day without parents because they went to Singapore! Holla holla!! The boyf came around 11 something and waited for us (bro and I) to shower and we go out for brunch.. When we came back, we take the table, mahjong and drinks upstairs. We on the air-con and start playing.. Totally enjoyed ourselves.. Fyi, my mum hates people gambling even we didn't play cash.. 2 days ago, I'm gambling with my dad, bro and boyf and my mum is so pissed.. Hahahaha.. In the end, boyf and I lost RM36 in total. That money is used for bah kut teh the next morning. I thought daddy won't be home so early so bro and I decided to go BBQ Plaza for dinner. Mana tahu, when we called dad, he said he is on the way home d. We quickly eat and left.. Then we went to cantonese fried stall for second round.. Now very full cannot sleep d.. I want to go to Singapore.. I think I will have to plan it now..

B5, we go Singapore wan?

Back to boring day tomorrow coz the boyf start work already. And I got no car to go to KL to find my babies.. Never mind, I'm starting college on this coming Monday.. Shit, lecture and tutorial starts on 1st week itself.. Means no more B5 tradition? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I need to enjoy b4 starting class.. College is sucks.. My schedule sucks as well..

B5, will we going to have out tradition? Anniversary dinner? Sing k?

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