Friday, February 12, 2010

The total bitch

I've been in a very bad mood today.. I show no emotion and when I have to, I speak like a total bitch. The weather is too hot then I have to clean the house, change the sheets and etc. I called my boyf in the afternoon but then he said his phone is almost out of batt. Yea, that makes me more frustrated. I lie down on the bed reading the whole afternoon. Oh ya, my boyf brought his tortoise yesterday so that I can take care of him. My brother is fascinated by that tortoise that he keep asking me why the tortoise sleeps all day. I don't know and I only worry that Velvet will find him and bite him.. I thought of playing a good gf and try to kacau the tortoise coz he looks very bored, just like me but then he was so shy that he hide his head inside that bloody shell. When I was waiting for him to walk, he refuse. When I ignore him, he walks hell fast and hide underneath the bed. I was too lazy to care so I continue to read.
My boyf called later and chat with me. He said he couldn't buy me the book in time for Valentine's. He went to Midvalley and asked but they don't have the version I wanted. Then he asked them to called if other outlet have it. That person said they have it in One U so he rushed to One U. But then it was a lie. Oh, pity my boy. I'm happy that he go through the hassle to get me the book but I still didn't show much emotion. He was actually mad for going to One U for nothing so he kinda higher his volume. I'm sorry baby... I love you!

p/s : He asked the person to order that book just for me.. I love you much much!

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