Friday, April 2, 2010

Grumpy me!

I'm actually feeling grumpy and depress these few days when things don't go as plan or when I'm talking on the phone.. I really wanted to yell at anyone who talks to me on the phone or those who text me. I don't know why. I'm feeling extremely tired because I often dream at night. (which also another reason why I'm feeling grumpy) I guess I'm almost assignment free but worried at the same time that I might not pass my course work. *touch wood* My lecturer/tutor has been scaring us with the marking scheme and all the consequences of not passing bullshit. I'm actually scared of it.. This is the last semester and I really hope I can graduate. *prays hard*

Oh my, I finally got the total 6 season of the series that I'm watching.. Thank you, mae! Btw, thanks again to mae and jenki for the editing.. I also wants to thank all my crew member for cooperating in the production. We actually have fun, ain't we? Hopefully, we will still have chance to hang out after graduation.

I am picking up bright colours for my font hoping it will at least cheer me up but it doesn't make any difference..So, that's all folks!


madeline said...

aww such sweet. no prob. we enjoy all 6 seasons together hehe :)

Vee Ling said...

hahaha.. then we discuss in college.. share share opinion!!