Saturday, April 17, 2010

For the sake of de-stress!

Mad stress these few days. Yes, you guessed it right. Exam week, that's why. But then, I was so lazy to open the book and facebooking instead. Still, have to control myself lor.. What to do? I have to pass it. Well well, I did a mistakes in my paper and 15 marks gone. Maybe I will get some sympathy marks from the tutor if I'm lucky but i guess not..

Pc Fair starts yesterday. Initial plan is to go with My Chip Chip but he ffk me last minute.. So, I went with buddy Wan Huey aka France coz she need to get notes from me.. So, ngek ngek ngek.. I get free ride.. Pc fair was so so because no leng lui/ leng chai.. And I get to know that my hard disk is only RM289.. Ish ish.. Buddy keep on said nevermind la.. Don't look or think about it.. But then, the horrible Pc Fair hor, keep place the big big banner and force me to see it.. Sigh.. Finally, escaped from the horrible place.. I met a few friends there such as Prisca aka Pizza and Wei Yang.. Pizza is extremely excited seeing me and buddy and she came and hug me.. Long lost friend.. Muahahaha.. Wei Yang, still working under sonic gear.. Same old baby face.. One word to describe Pc fair, LAME!!!

Papa dearest called when I'm back from Pc Fair to update me about grandma and home. Papa has these habit of using me to kill time. The 1st thing he said to me is, My hp gonna be out of batt, so if it died, our conversation ends there k. Ok lor, call me to use up all his batt so that he can charge.. Farny! Last few times he was waiting for news so he called. When the news starts, he said, I wana go watch news d. Talk to you when you're back.. I laughed everytime he said that.. What a humorous dad I have. Maybe it's the gene so I tend to talk alot of funny and rubbish when I'm in mood.

I have to study for the upcoming paper.. Hopefully I can remember everything.. No mood to take pictures so another only word post..

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