Saturday, April 10, 2010

Celebrating My Big Day 2010

So, 9th of April is my birthday and my buddies is celebrating my birthday a day b4 which is on th 8th of April. We went to Sg.Wang to sing k and I'm still coughing like hell.. Hahaha.. We enjoyed singing, teasing and make fun of other people in the room. After all the crazee singing, we went to Jln Ipoh for steamboat. Gosh, I love the tom yam very much and ended up too full.. Muahahaha. After eating, we take pictures like nobody's business.. Everyone is staring at us because we were making all the weird pose.. I enjoyed it very much and thank you all of you for celebrating with me. Although Ann Ann is not here but I believe her spirit is with us.. We will have so much time to celebrate in the coming years.. Pictures below is from my phone and the remaining crazee pictures is with Wan huey so stay tuned..

Birthday cake 2010 by sis
Louis not willing to take picture's face
Interesting eh? What is it about? Cindy's new bf?
Secret mission.. Cannot let ppl know 1
Honoured to take picture with President..
Israel and UK
Banyak fair punya president
This is hilarious.. Presenting.... SatWanHuey
Act like talking on the phone but actually posing
Steamboat war!!
Preparing her 'hair'..
Tried to copy Cindy's official smile
Non permanent member, *NEW* Palestine
Non permanent member, Iraq + USSR
Non permanent member, Israel
Non permanent member, Somalia
B5,President and Veto Power, RUSSIA
B5,Veto Power, CHINA
B5,Veto Power, FRANCE
Me, the birthday girl aka B5 Veto Power, UK

Coming up next will be the pictures on my birthday itself.. And I want to make a confession here. I kinda forgot which country Erika is representing so I simply put 1.. Do correct me if I'm wrong..

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