Thursday, April 29, 2010

A promise is a promise

I promised to write a proper post and now here I am, writing it. Lolz. Sorry, it's been almost a week and I'm actually very busy to do so. I was away from home on Tuesday because I went back to hostel to pack and check out.. Say bye bye to hostel for now. And my stuff is piling up like a small mountain. I got tons of books, shoes,clothes and etc. I choose a very wrong timing to check out because they were ppl washing the block and it caused the main area outside my room to flood. And I have to pay RM5 for the waste paper basket which I also tak tahu why it lost. Fine, pay it to avoid any problems. On another note, I get to claim the RM58 from Celcom.. Thanks Mei Quin, I got extra cash.. Lolz.. I went to Pavilion with my buddies, Wan Huey and Yogurt. We plan to catch a movie but nothing suits our time so we gave up. All 3 of us ended up in Carl's Junior for lunch and Times bookstores to kill time. I went to Connaught around evening to pack dinner home and some snacks for my brother and sister. The weather is kinda hot yesterday and lucky there weren't many people that time. I came home like a dead fish and dozed off as soon as I lie on the bed.

I went to J-card day in Alpha Angle last Thursday. There sales is crazy and I didn't plan to buy anything so basically I was there to being step on, pushed and etc. I'm always the unlucky one because the crazee AUNTIE love to step on my foot and pushed me around. That is also a reason why I hate going to the crowded place. We met Ms Kik and Ms Chitra there. Ms Kik too, being afraid of the crazee sales and people.. Lolz.. ANyway, Wayne came back to Setapak that day and gawd, she really does slim down.. Should give her a clap.. *clap clap*

My after exam days is crazy. Right after exam, 16 of us went to Midvalley to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love, a Malaysia production but very worth to watch. I find the storyline simple and nice and the character is funny too.. B5 went back right after the movie because we were too tired to shop. Wan Huey and I spend the next 2 hours in college library with RuiXanne.. I got myself 2 books to borrow.. It's been so long since I last read a book. I enjoyed reading book.. Recently, I found out from Lvbeii about an online bookstore where you can get the book cheaper. I almost bought 1 yesterday but then think properly, I should just wait for another one to be release so I cancel. That lady is kind enough to remind me that it will not be an cheaper compared to retail. I love the honesty so I will definitely buy from her again. If you want to have a look, it's HERE..

Basically my days spend at home is just watching drama only.. Last Saturday, Wan Huey and Erika dropped by Klang to pay me a visit.. Lovely! Although they are not here very long, still happy to meet them.. I miss them so much.. Of course I miss them, we meet everyday when we were still studying.. I drive them around with daddy's manual car. I'm kinda scared to drive at first because I didn't drive manual car for a very long period. Luckily, I still manage to drive the manual car.. I'm happy..

Sunday, I went to Greenbox with Woon, Hee Boon, Ren Quan, Ai Theng and her son, Xian Xian.. It's in the morning so I couldn't sing well.. The voice wouldn't come out. Lolz.. But I have lots of fun with them.. Xian XIan is so cute.. He was so shy at first but then become friendly later.. He would let me hold

Recently, I've too free and been thinking alot.. About my past.. How it turned out to be like this. My studies, relationship, family and friendship. I miss my past.. A lot.. I miss hanging out with Pink, my A level friend, high school and things happens that time. Although there are some ups and downs, I still miss the fact that I'm being pampered. I'm not saying that I'm not being pampered now, I'm still very much pampered by the boyf and friends.. I just miss my past.. I should have let go.. And I think time will help me too..

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