Monday, April 5, 2010

To my friend

I happened to scold one of my friend today *name will not be mentioned here*, not screaming like a bitch to that particular person but in a mean way. Let's call my friend X. Mean which includes saying words that will hurt his/her feeling. (I think it is harsh) I'm sorry but I just couldn't help it. These few weeks,X keep skipping class for whatsoever reason which until now, I cannot accept, which is sick. I don't know it's coincidence or what, X happens to fall sick during the important moment like handling assignment day or shooting day or yada yada yada..Maybe he is really sick, I don't know.. It is a short semester by the way. One thing that makes me furious is that X thinks IR is very important but X always skips the lecture. I don't see the point of important here. Do you? I'm determine not to lend X any notes so that X will be independent or at least realize that he/she cannot always depends on me. But in the end, I still lend X notes because this is the last semester already and I don't want to cause anyone to fail this semester. I did what I can as a friend. I tries telling X few times but then he/she seems to understands but didn't change. Which makes everything back to square one.

I'm not trying complaining here or making myself looks very good. I'm just trying to voice out my thoughts just so X will realize and wake up. It is no longer honey moon year. I don't mind helping but at least make some effort. I'm really tired of babysitting.. No offence but I really hope you will change. I'm trying my best to help you.. Anyway, we will always be best friend.. No hard feelings k.. You can talk to me if you have any problems or anything.

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