Sunday, July 19, 2009

A very meaningless post!!

I wrote an entry last Sunday but didn't manage to finish it. I guess I shall left it in the draft. It's over, no point posting it.. Anyhow, I'm currently suffer from cramp.. Damm, why now? I got drama presentation next week.. Gosh!!I have to memorize my script and now I remembered I haven't type the cover page and etc.. Things are all rushing in.. Line up pls!!

Hopefully I manage to film it by next week.. Have to thanks to my personal expert, LEONG WAN HUEY!! Hahahahhaa.. I want to finish that fucking presentation as soon as possible.. Thank you. Oh, and sorry to Derek and Louis because both of you have to help us on your b'day itself.. So sorry!!

Vey lazy want to post long long and upload pictures.. Lalala~~~~ So end it here 1st and will update again most probably after my presentation.. In the meantime, have a look at my Plurk or Twitter 1st..

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