Thursday, July 9, 2009

Nothing.. Nothing

I'm missing home right now.. :( I didn't go home last weekend due to TT night and I'm now waiting for Friday, then I can go home.. Yeah!! Anyway, TT night was a blast.. Good job, Yogurt and Derek plus all the other committees..

(shout out loud)*Joseph Joseph!!! *

Too bad he didn't win but he definitely won the audience's heart.. It is better than the title right? And Sean the emcee too.. He is good and cool.. I really enjoyed it very much.. Thanks to kawan punya kawan, i got VIP tickets and manage to watch it in front.. I enjoyed very much of the show, well except the instrumental part.. It is nice but part of it is boring..I got pictures but then gonna post it up when I went home..

This coming Sunday will be OO night.. All the best to all my friends, the committees.. I shall wait for the show.. Home sweet home.. I miss you!!! and daddy and mummy and jie jie and ah boy and velvet.. Oh, and not forgetting my chinaman brother.. plus my boy... Hehe.. I think I'm exhausted.. Lolz.. Simply type...

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