Tuesday, June 29, 2010


OMG! Another assignment due this Thursday, b4 8am. What kind of tutor will set the time b4 8am? Crazy ok!! I'm so tired after rushing 2 assignments last weekend. I'm really looking forward to go home this coming weekend. I wonder, why can't assignment is as easy as blogging? Lol.. I know it is impossible.. But dream for a while also can right?

As mentioned in previous post, I'm very busy since last week. I talked to my friend the other about relationship. Sparks.. Is it very important? I've been in the relationship with my current boyf for almost 2 years already. Things change from time to time because he is busy with work and I'm busy with studies. We spent less time together and we only met 2 days every week. If lucky, maybe 3 or 4 days a week. Slowly, I'm not his first priority anymore. I understand that he got lots of things to do and I can bear with it. But what I hate the most is, he don't call often anymore. And of I call him, he will brush me off with excuse such as "I'll call you back later, very busy now" That also makes me hate calling him from time to time. Does that also mean that we already lost our sparks in relationship? I've been spending more time with my friends. And now, with most of my friends being attached, I feel so bad sticking to them. It is like being the "lamp post" all the time.. Sometimes, looking at my bestie who jus being in a relationship makes me jealous because I do miss all the "sweet" moment and all the caring thing he will do for me. But, everything changed!

That is so like me.. Life has to go on... Another 2 weeks will be our 2nd year anniversary... Just wait and see..

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