Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a long long day!

Hey people! I've been thru the most tiring day in this week.. (I know this week is not over yet) I wake up early in the morning at 9am to attend class.. I was late for 20 mins.. Oops.. I did last minute laundry b4 going out which cause me to be late. Class was boring as usual and I couldn't really concentrate.. So, I was relieved when the class is finally over. I waited for Wan Huey for quite long and the weather is so hot.. Finally... She came.. Yogurt and I hopped into her car and we went for lunch in Genting Klang. After that, I went to plenty of bridal houses with Wan Huey to try her luck to look for jobs. I love going to bridal houses to have a look at their clothes and environment. One of them even showed video.. Pretty interesting but I think the video is kinda funny.. Lol.. When we finally finished and wanted to go back, rain started to pour with strong wind and thunder.. Scary le!! And we were soaking wet when we get into the car. Cool! But when we were back in GK, the weather is just nice.. Apa ini? Ish!!

We went to TBR to print some forms and then find Erika. I couldn't eat with them because my boyf called me last minute and asked me to go Low Yat with him.. Yeah, getting a new 'baju' for my iPhone baby.. Pretty sharp red.. Like it so much.. Thank you Chip Chip.. Then, we went to Midvalley to have dinner and did some transactions.. Rushing here and there is tiring.. BUt I felt pampered after such a long time being neglected.. Lol.. Not blaming the boyf but it's been very very long since we spent some quality time alone. Love you baby!! Our next stop is his house coz he needs to print something.. After that, we went to Puchong because he needs to hand something to his client.. And finally, back to GK.. Phew!! What a long day!!

I wonder when will be the next time we spent time alone again.. *finger crossed* I really miss hanging out with you..

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