Saturday, June 12, 2010

I need a getaway!

I had a very relaxing/stress week.. You must be wondering if I'm relax, why will I be stress? Well, I'm relax because I didn't even started my assignments yet and stress because of that. I don't know why but having nightmares almost every time I sleep which caused me to have sleepless night..

Last Tuesday, I went to airport to send Woon off.. I do not like airports that much because the moments of bidding goodbyes is unbearable. Yeah, it makes people wants to cry.. T.T I went to the airport with the boyf. I had some catch ups with Woon's bro, Jun Hor.. Hahahaha.. We were all grown ups already.. Time flies really really fast.. I have hard time watching her leave because it really makes me want to cry.. But I guess it is even harder for her parents and Tian Long to watch her leave.. We will meet again one year later.. I will be here waiting.. Lol. And I hope she can adapt with the environment real soon..

I often wonder what will it be when it's my turn to leave? Haha.. I even ask my boyf silly question such as, If I left, will you miss me? I know, childish side of me.. Done with sending off and airports... Classes makes me very tired.. It is mainly because of the time.. Finish class late or start class early.. You name it.. Gosh.. And assignments are pilling up.. Someone pls slap me so that I can be awake b4 the due date.. I need a holiday!! I want to get away from college..

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