Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh My God! My Dog is Soo FAT!!

Hello~~ I weight my doggie, Velvet a moment ago and gosh, he weight almost 7KG.. *fainted* I never thought he will be that fat.. Anyway, just some random facts..

This is the Egypt presentation pictures that I sum it up.. The aftermath of this presentation is extremely lack of sleep but worth it because Ms Kik is soooo impressed.. The memories that keep us all together.. No pictures of me being wrapped though.. Too bad..

This moment, I wanted to watch New Moon so badly.. I just have to wait until next week.. Seriously, I need to study for my midterm already.. I have 3 midterms next week and of coz some assignments to hand in.. Newscast, I not yet finish writing it. Matilah saya~~

Yesterday, we did a small celebration for my granny as last Thursday is her birthday. No pictures because no cake.. The weather is so hot that I keep sweating.. Imagine, having steamboat in such a hot weather.. Totally dehydrated.

I WANT and NEED to shop for bags so badly. My bag shopping syndrome is here... I really need to buy a bag.. Such a bad shopping habit.. Coz I ended up buying everything else but bag.. When will I get a nice and suitable bag?

On the other hand, I had so much fun last week.. Minus the extreme lack of sleep.. Been staying over at Wan Huey's for 2 days and going out everyday.. Muahahaha.. Spending money like nobody's business.. It's been so long since I splurge like this... Nope, I'm not buying any branded stuff..Purely on entertainment.. That's all..

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