Saturday, November 21, 2009

Refreshing morning

*open both hands and stretch body*
What a nice Saturday morning... I sleep for *counting* I also lost counts of hours of sleep. I feel so refresh and happy.. Lolz.. Anyway, last Thursday, I was in Wan Huey's house helping her in assignments and we only get an hour sleep. But the praising from Ms Kik makes all the hard work worth. I was enjoying their presentation all the time and I was the assigned "mummy". I'm the last section and the carry me out with me lying on the table. It was fun to actually act as a dead person. They teach the ways to wrap a mummy up and of coz explains the fact that their inner organ will be taken out. It was cool and of coz we did some fake organs. The wall pictures is awesome which credits to Wan Huey, her friend Silvia Sim, Ruoh Wen and Jesslyn for drawing it and *me*, Cindy, Yogurt, Erika, Derek and Kui Cheng for colouring it.. Muahahaha.. *self-praise* Arghh, I wonder how my France will turn out to be. *prays*

Anyway, I watched 2012 on Monday which cause me to be sleepy the entire week. It is because I'm having 8am class for 2 days straight. 2012 is nice and it brings impact to the audience. My New Moon is releasing.. I can't wait..

I still not yet buy the bag that I wanted.. :(.. But Erika promised that she will go shopping with me.. Happy!! Hahaha.. If I didn't get to buy that bag, it's fate and I shall find a new bag.. Muahahahah...

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