Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lesson of the day : Do not overturn the knob..

I open this page since morning but then didn't have the chance to write.. All thanks to my LAW assignments.. I crack my brain the whole day doing it. Anyway, I've done it now and tmr is my free day. Rest for one day.. Today, I learn how to ride a bike.. Yea, I'm gonna get a license with my brother. It is so scary plus exciting~~ Of course I know nuts about bike.. Luckily my brother learn 1st then only my turn. I can learn from his mistakes. I drive steadily at first but then couldn't stop properly.. Hahaha.. But after a few practices, I can ride smoothly.. Learning is fun and I shall take more lesson from daddy~ There are once I couldn't balance myself and then turn the fuel knob real hard and scared daddy.. Oops.. I'm sorry daddy.. But it was because daddy's didn't put his leg up when I start to ride.. Anyway, it was a very scary plus exciting plus funny experience..

I celebrated daddy's b'day with him today. I couldn't come home on Thursday due to classes so I made up to him today. Hehe.. Happy birthday once again, daddy.. I Love You~~

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