Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Saturday again

Hello everyone.. I just came back home this morning.. I was supposed to come back yesterday but then Ms Cindy Law said she wanted to sing k.. Hmmph.. So we all went to Sg Wang 1st instead of PC Fair.. No pictures coz I don't have camera with me and we were all too tired to take any pictures. Maybe Wan Huey did but only in PC Fair.. So we sing from 1.30pm till 5pm.. Very very tired I tell you.. With me having period, I lose the privilledge to drink cold drinks.. Bleah~~ I can lie on the sofa and sleep but I was waken by Cindy.. Cannot sleep~~ Sad~ But we had fun time and it's the 1st time singing with Cindy and Derek~~

After that, we walked to KLCC to avoid jam and of coz being cheapskate.. We didn't want to pay another round of parking. Lolxz~ We saw a lot of ppl in PC Fair.. We saw Justin, Michael, Sook Ann, Mc, Samson, Si Lin, Jun, Hui Wen and Mei Quin.. Oh, and I saw Wei Yang too.. OMG~~ So so so long since I last saw him.. He was studying engineering... I should have snap a picture with him.. Hehehe. He thought I forgot him.. How could I? He is so cute and consider my close friend during work. We chat for a while and then I left. Then, I have to go outside and get the camera from my boy~~ Sigh~~ PC Fair this time have less thing that last time. They were mainly promoting camera and laptop.. Less pen drive and accessories for laptop/pc. I couldn't even buy a pendrive and sister's earphone.. Anyway, I subscribe Celcom Broadband mainly because Mei Quin works for Celcom and I wanted to try their line.. Hehe.. We went back after that and then went to some place in Cheras for dinner and then send Erika back while Cindy fetches Yogurt and Derek back. I reached hostel around 12 something and surprisingly, roomie is in too.. Hehe.. I was too tired that I sleep after shower.. My boy is having fun singing k with his colleague in Puchong~

Today, I wake up at 9.30am and then shower.. I went home by public transport today.. I walked out and the bus left.. Bad luck~~ But I think bad luck stops there coz I met a guy and he asked where I'm going and if I wanted to share a cab with him. I said ok coz I'm too lazy to wait.. He seems to be in a rush.. Hehe.. The fare is RM 3.60 but then he only asked RM1 from me.. Lolz.. We even took the same lrt and he smile at me when i look at him.. When I was in setiawangsa, daddy called. He told me that his phone is out of batt and said he will fetch me at 12pm.. Then, sis called when I'm in pasar seni.. Asked me if I wanted to go to Midvalley.. I said ok at first but then couldn't contact daddy so I called sis wanted to tell her that I didn't want to go.. But then she didn't answer after I called millions times.. I was so pissed that I stop calling and only send her a msg. Damm.. I dunno what is the use of her phone.. I sleep just now and still feeling tired.. Sigh!!

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