Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's finally OVER, isn't it?

Days filled with me thinking of you all days and nights..
We've gone thru so much that I'm unwilling to let go..
Never thought we will say goodbye just like this..
I guess this is the best for both of us..

Nah, I'm not done with Jerry yet.. It is just my presentation.. French presentation is finally over.. Thanks everyone for helping especially my number one helper Leong Wan Huey,Lee You Ge, Cindy Law, Liew Ruoh Wen, Wayne and finally KC... Not to forget my teammates, Louis and Derek.. Oops.. no pictures of me coz I was too tired to take any pictures. Wakakakaka... And congratulations to Wei Chuan brother's group for finishing their presentation and teaches us alot of thing too. I enjoyed their presentation with the Naruto, Yukata and food of coz..

I had a blast on Christmas Eve with my beloved Wan Huey(again), Erika Hiew, Cindy Law and Ruoh Wen in Pyramid.. Pictures with Wan Huey so just have to wait.. We had Christmas dinner in T.G.I Fridays. We ordered 3 sets shared by 5 person and all of us also very full... See,how little we ate.. Lolz.. Then we shop and shop but I still didn't manage to get my coat/jacket yet.. Nevermind, there will always next time.. Oh, and bags too.. Oh my good,I got so many things I want to buy.. I need to find jobs.. I need to shop.. Oh my god, I am so obsessed...

I am going to meet my PINK DARLING next week.. So happy.. I miss her so much but didn't get a chance to meet her.. Now I have.. Can't wait..

I attended my 6 hours motor seminar today.. Gosh, it's so boring.. But luckily, I got my brother to accompany me.. And it is only 3 hours coz another 3 hours is practical.. My brother and I went back.. Hahaha.. Exam is coming.. Gotta start studying.. Law will be the 1st subject..Sigh.. Stress lagi!!

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