Thursday, December 31, 2009

Self-declared holiday..

I declared holiday for this whole week because PINK DARLING asked me to go Nilai.. Since it's end of the semester, so I ditched class for 2 days and go to Nilai.. Pink darling came to hostel and fetched me with her friend, LuShan.. Finally, I'm able to meet her in person... :) We shopped in Pyramid for freaking 5 hours straight.. People who knows me will surprise by the fact that I can actually shop that long.. Lolz. But I got my coat so it's worth the million and I'm actually started to enjoy shopping.. Plus I'm with people I love, I'll certainly enjoyed it more.. We had dinner in Gasoline and then went back to Nilai.. All 3 of us bought something which makes us happy.. At least no one went back empty-handed.. We talked, joke, laughed all the way from KL to Nilai.. Can you imagine? Girls will always be girls.. Pink and I showered and then online for a while. We had pillow talk until 4 am..We have a lot to update each other about.. It's been so long since we last met.. Pink is so surprise that I can actually stay up til so late.. I sleep early most of the time but I guess I just need to thank the nightmares that haunt me.. Lolz... They eventually trained me to be a late sleeper.. We sleep until 12pm the next day. What a wonderful day.. Pink had the day fully planned for me.. We will 1st have nasi kandar for brunch and then sing k.. Finally, we will swim in Jared's(Pink's boyf) neighbourhood's clubhouse.. Singing k is fun but the game is killing me. They have this small competition where we were requested to drink a cup of water as fast as we can.. I didn't expect that cup of water consist gas. I almost choked while drinking.. We lost and ran back to our room to continue to sing.. Haha.. After that, swimming time.. I don't know how to swim but then trying very hard to learn.. We had so much fun and I'm dead tired when I'mback.. LOlz.. The 3rd day is Jared's b'day.. Pink prepared his present a day b4.. I finally met him that day.. I'm happy for Pink too coz she found someone who loves and care for her.. It's time to leave also.. I wish I could stay there with her.. I miss her already.. :( Anyway, I will try to spend more time with her.. I'm finally back to my boy's arm again.. Miss him lots.. *blushed*

Connection is so down so I give up uploading pictures.. Stay tune coz I will definitely upload it in next post..

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