Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Very Busy Day = Shopping and Gathering Day

I woke up early in the morning getting ready for my shopping spree.. Sis and I went to Pyramid to shop.. We shop from old wing to new wing, upstairs to downstairs only manage to get a skirt (me) and shirt (sis) from Kits Chen.. Sigh~~ What about bag, accessories, shoe, tops and etc? Just have to leave it until my next shopping trip.. Btw, I saw a very nice coat but it is too hot for us to wear it here.. Lolz.. So sis don't allow me to buy it.. It is only RM199.. Then we finally settle down in Sushi Zanmai for lunch.. A very satisfying lunch which costs us about RM48++.. Oh, FullHouse is now open in Pyramid.. Hahahaha.. No need to go until so far for it anymore.. I didn't go in coz I found out about it after my lunch.. We went back after that and reach home around 5.. I was so tired that I shower and then sleep until 7pm. Woke up and prepare myself to meet with Woon, Tian Long, Ai Then and son, Lay Ling.. Hehe.. So long didn't see them already.. We had a very nice chat yesterday. Woa, Ai Theng's son Xian xian is so cute and active.. He is so active too~~ We had a nice time accompanied by him..

This is him.. So adorable~

Today is the day to learn how to ride the bike.. My brother is learning faster than me as I mention in the previous post.. Hahaha.. Wish me luck, peeps!!

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