Monday, May 10, 2010

I got my reasons for being MIA..

Hello, I know i've been MIA again but I can explain. I suffered from low blood pressure few days ago due to lack of sufficient sleep. I wake up in the morning feeling extremely dizzy and I couldn't walk straight.. (imagine that) I brushed my teeth using the longest time because I have the urge to vomit.. Finally, brushed my teeth and rushed into my bedroom and lie down. How I know I suffered from low blood pressure? My dad has this machine to test out blood pressure so I went and test it since my aunt is testing it. I got myself a 98/68 for blood pressure and 117 pulse per minute which is utterly abnormal. Dad jokingly asked me if I was scared by something that caused my pulse to be so fast. I remembered I was scared by a video in Facebook few days back. Ah, I swear not to simply open any video again..

Anyway, back to my Penang trip.

We woke up pretty late the second day and get ourselves ready to check out. We went to brunch in a coffee shop which sell superbly yummy asam laksa.. We intend to buy the cendol but the uncle said we cannot bring in the cendol and will charge us 5o cents per bowl. Ok, we will have the cendol after brunch. We ordered kekwa and he charged us RM1.40 percup. (Voon Liang and I thinks he purposely extra charged us.) Poor Yogurt and Ruoh Wen had the worst curry noodle ever.. We enjoyed our cendol after that and went to Chew Jetty.. We met Tiffany, Kit Mang, Pei Xuan, Wei Ying, Janyce and Jing Fong when we were walking back to our car.. What a small small world.A place that is used for filming in Ice Kacang Puppy Love. Cute place indeed because there are different jetty with different surname.. I saw Lim Jetty, Lee Jetty, Mix surname Jetty and etc. After that, we went to another place check in. After a hot day outside, staying in the aircon apartment is nice. But our plan doesn't stop here. We went to the beach in Hard Rock Hotel.. We had lots of fun playing kites and water.. We also had a very yummylicious dinner in Pizzeria in Hard Rock Hotel. Thanks to Mintz and Voon Liang for the recommendation. At night, we went to Gurney Drive despite being very tired for the water war earlier. I had rojak and become very full. Gosh, I have been eating all day. We went back and stayed up until 3am in the morning. The last day was spend with brunch and then buy souvenir and start our journey back to KL.. We dropped by Bidor and Erika's granfather treat us dinner. The journey back to KL is very tiring but fun at the same time. Yogurt, Voon Liang and I were in the same car and we talks about lots of things.. What a fun trip we had... I had some pictures from Mintz.. Wan Huey too slow d.. Muahahaha..

The three of us in Pizzeria
Muar Chi in Chew Jetty (yummy :P)
Posing in Chew Jetty
Wen, Ling and Mintz
We enjoying our cendol while Wan Huey enjoys taking photo
Posing with the kite.. In Queensbay
Lok Lok for dinner..
This is us in the hotel room..

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