Saturday, May 22, 2010

I've been living in heaven..

So, I've been in KL this week although the result is still pending.. I got no place to stay at the moment but the kind Yogurt baby let me stay with her..*smiles* So, I crashed her place on Monday morning.. It was weird to be back to college seeing less people in the class. I've been nervous like hell because of the result. What if I failed? How am I supposed to split it out to my family? But I had fun this week which my gang of friend.
Monday, I went back and attend classes. After class, I meet up with Wan Huey baby and we went to McD with Derek and Yogurt baby. Yogurt need to go for interview so she left. The 3 of us lepak in McD and then we went to Wangsa Walk Mall. Initially, we wanted to watch Robinhood but showing time is too late. We walk around the mall aimlessly and finally settle down in Feeling Cafe to play pool. We left around 7 something. I went out with Jerry after that..

Tuesday, I went to college but the class ended after half an hour.. My god.. Wasted my time only.. Gosh! I took bus and went back. I had breakfast with Yogurt baby and Derek. Meet up with Wan Huey baby, Louis baby, Cindy, Erika and Meko in Pizza Hut.. WE had fun catching up and meeting each other. Gosh, I was tired by the end of the day.

Wednesday, we don't have class so we plan some outing. We went to Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam.. It was fun and very tiring at the same time. I got lots of mosquito bite.. But overall, it was really fun.. Now, I'm still suffering the aftermath.. LOlz.. We had lunch in Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid. It was really fun because Yogurt is telling us about her part time job. It was hilarious. Now, I realize, there are lots of weird people in this world. We went back after that and we were dead tired by the time we reach home. Shower and all but still couldn't sleep.. So, Yogurt and I talk and talk until midnight.. LOlz..

Thursday, RESULT DAY. I couldn't sleep well because I was nervous like hell. I woke up around 9am. I know the result is still pending but I just couldn't sleep. Sitting down with my lappie and refresh every half and hour.. Finally, around 9.50am, I log in again thinking it will still pending. Poof, my result is out already. I PASSED.. Luckily and I scream like mad. It was Yogurt's turn to check and she PASSED too.. Both of us screaming like mad and jumping around.. Derek also PASSED and so he joined the mad group screaming also.. LOLZ. We have new B5 rules.. It was funny.. (inside joke) Around noon, Wan Huey, Erika, Yogurt and I went to Times Square for Shrek.. Meet up with Meko in Station 1 after that. Had dinner and balik.. Happy for the whole day.. lolz.. Overall, all b5 member and non permanent member graduate..

Friday, I skipped class coz it is freaking 8 am class.. Still being happy.. I went to college to ask about offer letter and hostel stuff.. I can only move in in June and it is freaking RM826 for one semester.. Yeah, price increased already.. Now, Yogurt baby offer to let me move in with her.. I'm still considering.. But I really had fun staying with her this week.. Thank you baby for letting me to crash in. So, now I'm still homeless in KL.. Lolz.. I'm in the same class as my babies.. So I'm very happy!! Hahahaha... Yogurt and I went to lunch with Wan Huey and Erika.. Fun fun.. And I'm back to Klang around 5 something.. Here I am, home sweet home.. I chatted with my brother yesterday. I told him that i graduated and he is so happy for me.. I feel happy too because he is being supportive all these while. All my family members is being supportive and I'm very happy to have them.. *loves* My brother said he will arrange time to come back for my convo.. Double happiness!! I'm happy that I finally did something to make my family proud.. And of coz my boyf too.. I make him promise to come to my convo no matter what.. Hahahaha..

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