Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Releasing stress..

Oh my gosh, I've been exposed to mess recently.. First, my result is still pending although class is due to start. Ok, now, the result is released, my offer letter is still pending, my class is a mess because they divided the whole DBC into 2 classes.. Great! Followed by assignments which required grouping and gosh, we cannot even log into the CEL to get the information. Nice! Thank you SSSH for being such a mess and making my life so fucking miserable.

These few days, I've been thinking about a lot of possibility. A lot of what if? What if I stayed? What if I did not make that decision? What if that incident did not happened? Will everything will be the same? I really wonder? It's like thinking about millions of possibility..

I just have to stop myself from thinking. So, I spend my time going out and talking to my friends. I went to International Beauty Expo to have a look. Nothing special. I bought one Korean Beauty Square's BB cream for RM59.. At least buying something makes me happy.. I wanted to shop so badly.. Can anyone sponsor me? Sigh!

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