Friday, January 7, 2011

First day in exam..

Now, I'm watching Korean drama and totally don't have the mood to study because I feel so exhausted. I finished my 1st paper which is Statistic feeling exhausted and couldn't put in anything else into my brain. I decided to rest tonight and study tomorrow. Not that English is not important but I was too tired to study.. Statistic really takes up most of my brain juice today. I went into the exam hall feeling extremely nervous because I'm so worried that I don't know how to do. In the end, I don't have enough time to finish all the question. Blame it all on the graph paper because the box is so small and very hard to calculate. Anyway, what is done is done.. Let's just pray that I can pass this paper.. *keep my finger crossed*

I miss home!! I want to go home and enjoy my holiday with my family. CNY is approaching and I will love to spend it with my love ones. I miss Velvet out of sudden. My 2011 CNY will not be the same anymore. There will be no more hugging Velvet because he is too scared of fireworks. And also decorating his lovely home. I will definitely feel the loss during CNY.

Because of exam, I didn't meet my lovely boyf for so many days already. I miss him so much.. I miss having him with me. I miss all the moments spend with him. He is been going through tough times at this moment because of work. I'm not there for him but I will give him moral support of course. I hope he will go through this soon enough and gained back himself.

I love you, lao gong!! Muackss..

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