Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 3 of exam.

Day 3 of exam.. I realized that I've stressing out for exam this semester. For the past exams, I'm ready for exam most of the time and not as stress out as this time. Yes, I studied and memorized but then I'm so scared that my mind will go blank in the exam hall. I'm so nervous while waiting outside the exam hall until I cough non-stop.. By the way, I've not been sleeping well yesterday night because I not yet memorized everything. I wake up at 3am to continue my studies. Then went out with ma buddies to study then to college.
Thank god, questions is straightforward. Thanks, Ms Theresa.. I managed to answer all of the questions.. However, my stomach feelings unwell since morning. At first, I thought it is me being nervous but the actual fact was, PERIOD... Yeah, came at the wrong timing. I'm having stomach cramp and my waist also pain the whole afternoon.. Even at this moment when I'm typing this. Arghh.. I still got 2 papers. Can you just let me finish all my papers 1st?
I guess the answer is NO coz you are here already.. I have to deal with you anyway. Hopefully, you are being good after resting for a day.. Thank you for your cooperation.
But the pros of having period? More attention from the bf because he come and find me plus buys me gummy bears.. Because I want to drink pearl milk tea but he doesn't allow. So he substitute it with gummy bears. Only he knows me the best. Love him max! When I miss him, I will eat it.. Hahahahaha.. And hopefully it will ease my cramp..

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