Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exam is just around the corner

Hello everyone! From the title, you are aware that my exam is approaching.. I've spent these few days studying my statistic. Thanks to kc, I've learned a lot about statistics. However, it is very exhausting. I've use lots of brain cell these few days.. Hopefully, I can pass my exams with flying colours. I cannot accept failure anymore.. Just said I kiasu.. I admit.. I have to be kiasu to graduate in time. I don't have any time to waste anymore..

I've been practicing a very healthy lifestyle. Sleeping early and wake up early.. I'm having weird dreams recently until I cannot tahan lo.. The most recent1 will be I went back to Klang during weekdays and I'm very very scared being caught by my dad. So, I have to sneak here and there.. Walao.. Go home also so kesian.. Maybe I miss home.. I've stayed home most of the time.. I actually enjoyed it.. Lolz..

Arghh.. So many days didn't see my boyf already.. I miss him so much.. Wonder what is he doing now.. Ish ish.. Tak biasa la.. But then have to study.. No choice.. See you again 1 week later baby.. :(

Stress ah!!! Wa very stress!! Who can save me? Who can help me??? Exam and also problems that keep knocking on my door.. Haiyo, can I ignore? Leave me alone la.. Very hard meh? I guess so.. Anyway, I've learned things the hard way therefore its time to close the door of my heart.. Because you don't deserved it!!

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