Saturday, January 22, 2011


Seriously, I've been too free.. Minus the times when i help daddy and mummy in pasar malam/pagi. Therefore, time other than helping daddy is used to read things that I write 2 or 3 years ago. I realized, lots of things happened in these 2-3 years. Arguments, made up then arguments again. Hell, my life revolves around arguments. I had plenty of arguments with my boyf alone. There are lots of things to complain and upset. Now I remembered, it is not easy for us to come until this stage therefore I must appreciate it. Of course, there were this huge arguments with one of my friend. It was until a point where I feel I totally lost myself and I don't know who to trust anymore. It was a very down moment for me because I was so confused with all the peoples around me. Anyway, it is over and i find it entertaining when I read it all over again. Some are the things that I totally forgot about it. Memories.... Amazing isn't it?

I don't remember if I post it but I did jot down my thoughts on peoples and life. I've been thru lots of ups and downs. Yeah, you must be thinking, how much a 23 years old can go thru? I bet my life ain't easy because of the failure that I faced and every other problems. I definitely fall more and also gained more.

However, everything of the above makes me realized that FAMILY is always the best. No matter how, they will stood by your side no matter what. I really love my family despite losing one of my dearest last month which is my Velvet darling. He is definitely one of my family and I missed him so so much. Every now or then, things will reminds me very much of him. Now that he is gone, all we left with is memories with him. I do hope that he will be in a better family although I will curse that family for kidnapping him.. Definitely learn more and become more mature in everything.

Tomorrow will be family day because I'm going to supermarket with parents and siblings to get CNY stuff, drinks, snacks and etc.

I'm not emo ok.. Just thoughts..
xoxo, Ling

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