Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting high..

Second day of holiday.. I'm still doing nothing much except catching up with friends and also family.. *loves* Yesterday, I went to the airport to send my cousin who went to New Zealand. I guess she reach there safe and sound already.. I had a small bbq session with family plus boyf.. It is so fun. My brother got inspired to have a bbq session when he saw mum is doing kuih kapit. So, we bbq 17 chicken wings and some breast meat.. We had fun chatting and making fun of each other.. Somemore feeling super full. After bbq, we all clean the things and floors happily.. Hahaha..
Today, I went to airport another time to send my brother because he is going to Vietnam. No worries, he will be back again soon with his wifey aka my sister in law. I've been sitting in the car half of the day because after going to airport, daddy went to Assuntha to get some document certified then to Petaling Street. I saw a very very cute Chip Chip luggage in Petaling Street!! I want!! No time to ask for price.. Will do it some other time.. I need a big big luggage when I go to China in March.. Feel like packing the whole house.. No la.. Kua cheong only.. Maybe whole room la. Hahahaha.. Can't wait to see my brother wedding picture.. And also my sister in law..
I guess I should start unpack tomorrow or my sis will kill me!! Lolz.. And also I realized my hair is very long now I feel like cutting it.. Yeah!! Cut hair! Favourite but usually will regret after that.. Hahahaha.. I'm super high now..
My boyfie change my line to prepaid without telling me 1st.. Ish ish.. But still need to change it sooner or later.. No choice.. But he should inform me earlier la!!! Hmmph..

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