Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful Saturday

What a Saturday morning.. Facing notes since 6am.. Btw, today is my LAST PAPER.. Hopefully I can apply what I've studied.. Exam stress me out until pimples also pop out already. The consequences of not preparing for your exam early. Hahaha..
After my paper, I will be heading home.. I miss home.. miss my family and of course my Toshiba baby.. I wonder if my brother still at home. Hmm..

I didn't post about my previous paper which I think is disastrous. I did study for it but I didn't even thought that the question will turned out like this. 30 marks for a question? That's insane. I don't know if things I applied is correct but I really hope that I can pass.
Mr Lim, can you be kind enough to at least give me a pass? Thank you very much.

I can smell my holiday now.. Wakakaka.. I wonder what should I do during my holiday.. CNY shopping? Spring cleaning? Or vacation? Arghh.... Can't wait for my holiday.. Countdown to freedom.. 6 and a half hour to go!! Yeah baby.. Freedom is waiting for me!!

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