Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

You must be wondering how I spent my New Year Eve, right? Well well well... I spent it at home talking on the phone with the boyf.. Hahahahah.. Lame, I know.. Since it falls on a Friday so I thought why not come home.. I didn't want to squeeze with people outside as I'm not feeling that well recently.. I scared I might faint anytime. Lolz. For the first time since Diploma, B5 did not celebrate New Year together.. But I know our hearts are together for sure..

Brand new year, brand new thinking.. I've learned to accept the fact that Velvet is gone for good. But the memories with him will always be with me.. Never change..
I love you Velvet!!
As for now, I will not have any pet because losing it or watching it die breaks me into pieces.. Maybe, in the future I will get a pet but definitely not now.. My boyf asked me to buy tortoise as a pet because they can definitely live longer.. I wonder.. Hahaha..

I shall leave the past behind and look forward.. My final's is approaching and I have yet start studying.. That is so normal for a last minute person like me.. However, I hope I can change this very bad habit this year.. I should plan my works accordingly.. And also to blog more..

So, I guess it's time to study.. Bye everyone.. Enjoy your New Year!

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