Friday, December 31, 2010

How do I live without you?

It't the last day of 2010. Seriously, 2010 has not been good to me. Finally graduated from Diploma and continued my Advanced Diploma. I realized that Advance is so much difficult and need more effort. But good things is I get a bunch of new friends. And totally glad because that happened. Other than that will be seeing my friends flies oversea to further their study. Yes, I'm talking about you, Woon and Tian Long.. I miss all the times we spent together. Without the both of you, there is less joy and laughter.. Looking forward for your return.. As for Hee Boon, I'm sorry because we didn't spend more time together and I will try to make it for you in 2011.. Pinkie darling, how could I forget you.. I will definitely meet you up after my exam.. Ah, friends do come and go.. You will have new one in your life but you will also have someone who leave your life. That's life.

As for relationship, well it is consider ok despite we have arguments over the year. But that is consider normal for a couple right? Boyf been working very hard this year and managed to fulfill his target for this year which I'm truly proud of him. Looking back, it's been 2 and a half year we've together and seriously, I never thought I will be in a relationship for this long.. Lolz. But the truth proves to me that I can.. I really hope next year will be a better year for both of us. Love you, lao gong..

Finally, family.. I guess 2010 is really not a good year.. Brother been coming home lesses than previous years and then daddy is sick.. Now, even my lovely Velvet is missing. But but I guess 2011 will definitely be better as Ko will get marry next year.. If I ever have a wishlist, it will be to have my Velvet back. Then, a very joyful and prosperous year for my friends and family.. I learned that this is the most important things in life rather than wanted to buy this and that.. Of course, I still have something that I wanted which is my G12.. Wakakakaka..

Yesterday, I was so moody and gloomy because I dreamed of Velvet. The dream is like this, I walked into my house and saw my Velvet. I asked daddy, Dad, Velvet is back!! I feel so so so happy and went to hug him.. When I was about to ask daddy how did he come back, I was awake. It hits me real hard because it is just a dream. I almost cried because it is just like giving me hope and then taking it away. So, I started my day feeling sad. I rarely talk to my friends in class and when they asked what is wrong, I couldn't tell because I feel like crying.. I just don't understand why, why do you want to take other people's dog? I will not use the word steal because they might be kind to save my Velvet from being ran over by cars. But then, don't you think their family will be extremely worry about him? Whenever I talk about Velvet, I feel like crying.. I guess I just have to accept the facts now.. It's been one week already.. I need more time.. and it will be best if I could turn back time..

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