Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's time to wake up

Holla~~ I've been missing since internship incident. Well, I've calm down and also enjoyed my week because Kama Satwan is not around. I had a week to be free from assignment apart of Monday.. Not gonna elaborate.. Anyway, I went sing k,catching up with HK drama and window shopping.. Seriously, I want Starbuck's tumbler but the one I like is out of stock. Ish x10.. But think properly, if I found it, will I really buy it? I wonder..

My elder bro went back to China this morning. Left the rest of us to take care of everything. He manage to settle everything b4 he left. I'm so happy to have him because he loves us and take care of everything for us. Therefore, in order to repay his kindness, I will study real real hard.. I PROMISE!! It strikes me after the internship incident.. It's time to wake up!!!

I'm down with flu right now.. Why now? Arghh!!!! I still got shooting tmr.. Why why why? Ish ish ish~~~ Geramnyer~~ My neighbour is renovating their house.. Again~~ Everytime when I'm having holiday or come home during weekend, renovate. I ada fate dengan renovation meh? I hate hate renovation because it makes me headache... Bla bla bla~~~~

On the other hand, boyf is sick too.. Kesian him. Still not yet recover.. And he makes me sick also.. Bluek! Bad boyf lo~ Now sama-sama sick lo~

I guess I should go and rest now.. Tak boleh tahan liow!!!

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